About Us

Kingdom Assistance is a digital, faith-based branding agency that serves women entrepreneurs such as coaches, consultants, influencers, industry experts, and go-getters around the globe. Our story began in 2019, but it seems as if we've been in branding and design much longer. CEO & Lead Designer, Jonatta Harmon, has been helping individuals brand themselves and/or businesses for years. She just didn't know it. From her love of helping others become their best selves, she ventured into business in the summer of 2019 and the journey gets better from there. Jonatta started the company with only a dream, paper and pen. She formed the legal entity known today as Kingdom Assistance, which started as a coaching & consulting firm.

Upon being in operation for only a year, the business shifted gears after a divine encounter. Jonatta knew that she was to change the business' focus and solely provide clients with brand direction and design. After attending professional training and seeking guidance from seasoned leaders in the industry, the plan for the next few years projected substantial business growth. 

As the story continues, we hope that you'll stick around to see how it all unfolds.