Our Work

KB Solutions

Industry: Coaching & Consulting

Client's Results

We assisted Kendra in achieving: 

The reigniting of the CEO confidence she already had

Branding & Web Design that clearly defines her brand voice and attracts her ideal corporate client

Strategy to continue elevating her brand and showcasing her as the authority in her field


Teen & Co. Wellness and Consulting, PLLC

Industry: Mental Health/Counseling 

Client's Results

We assisted Chanell in achieving: 

A professional standard for her new practice 

Branding & Web Design to attract and engage her target audience of teen therapy candidates and their guardians

Creative direction for long-lasting success as she plans for the growth of her practice 


Corey Bell Ministries, Inc.

Industry: Non-profit/Faith-based 

Client's Results

We assisted Corey in achieving: 

A central online location for all of his ministry's partners to utilize and receive updates 

Brand Strategy & Design to grow and nurture his audience 

Creative direction for long-lasting success as he continues to grow his ministry


Other brands we've worked with...

Brand Strategy & Web Design Only 
(Not all logos were created by KA)